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About JetLenses

What we do
We provide you with the lowest prices for contacts with a fantastic buying experience and great customer service. We work hard to make sure that you can order your lenses quickly and easily. We're not in the business of surprises: the price you see on our page is the price you pay.

No hidden fees, no processing fees and free shipping.
We have multiple offices in the United States and affiliated warehouses across several states. We use all our resources to make sure that your contacts are delivered to you as quickly as possible.
We are affiliated with the largest manufacturers and distributors in the United States. The lenses you order from us are verified and branded by the manufacturers.

Our primary office is in New York City at 413 W 14th Street and we also have a team distributed all over the US.

Please don't send returns to our HQ location! We won't be able to receive them here.

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